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Accra and Tamale, Ghana; January 2020

I spent the interim of my sophomore year of college in Ghana studying the History of Slavery in West Africa. Accompanied by two history professors from St. Olaf and 20 other students, I spent the month learning about Ghana’s complicated history (especially with respect to the Atlantic Slave Trade) and its life today. This experience was truly life-changing and is probably the biggest reason why I made sure to have another study abroad experience in college.

I’ll spare you from all the stories of my time in Ghana, but if you’re interested, you can check out our class blog here:

Tirimbina and San José, Costa Rica; April 2012

When I was 11 years old, I traveled with the GEMS (Girls Engineering Math and Science) club from my middle school to Costa Rica. Before this experience, I had only ever been on an airplane twice. While most eleven-year-olds may not have been so eager as to spend their spring break with their science teacher, I was very excited to break away from my family and travel further than I ever had before.

I spent almost two weeks on a nature reserve in Costa Rica learning about ecology, climate change and Costa Rican culture. Spending all this time learning and traveling with other young girls my age instilled a passion to travel and take advantage of each opportunity presented to me.


  • Perhaps my favorite travel destination is Glacier National Park in Montana. I absolutely love the park system in the US, and Glacier will always be a special place for me. If you ever have the chance, make sure to visit!
  • So far, I have visited 40 of the 50 states in the United States. One of my goals is to hit all 50 states by the times I’m 25. 10 states seems pretty doable, but Hawaii and Alaska may be tricky to get to…
  • Most of my international travel has been with my Grandpa, Ralph. He took me to Scandinavia when I was younger, and since then we have been to Paris, Amsterdam, Germany and Austria together.