Navigating Stockholm

One thing that I have really appreciated about Sweden is the public transportation. system Back in Minneapolis, there are a few options for public transportation but they aren’t widely used. And, honestly, I maybe use the Minneapolis public transportation 2-3 times per year. However, in Sweden, public transportation is everywhere. Even in smaller cities! IContinue reading “Navigating Stockholm”

A Family Reunion: Sweden Edition

A big part of the reason I wanted to come to Sweden was that I knew I had family roots here. I knew I had some distant relatives living in southern Sweden. They have visited our family once in the US, and my grandfather has visited them several times. Once I arrived in Sweden, theyContinue reading “A Family Reunion: Sweden Edition”

Tips for Grocery Shopping in Stockholm

One really nice thing about DIS is that students are given a small food stipend. For students living in DIS housing, we are given 2000 KR three times throughout the semester (which totals round $600 USD). For those living in a homestay, you get a slightly smaller food stipend because it is assumed you willContinue reading “Tips for Grocery Shopping in Stockholm”

 Getting into a grove in Stockholm  

The past two weeks have honestly been very busy with school. Obviously, a big part of studying abroad is the studying part. However, I think that a lot of the time people overlook the studying — all the focus goes to the experiences, the food, the travel, etc. This is absolutely important, perhaps the mostContinue reading ” Getting into a grove in Stockholm  “

Core Course Week Reflections

Last week was core course week here at DIS. At DIS, each student signs up for a “core course” or main focus for the semester, and I decided to enroll in positive psychology. Last week, the only class we had was our core course. The first half of the week, we stayed in Stockholm going on site visits andContinue reading “Core Course Week Reflections”

Adventuring the Archipelago

This weekend, two friends and I went to explore Sandhamn, Stockholm’s furthest island on the archipelago. We knew that we wanted to explore the archipelago (especially before it gets too cold), but weren’t sure which island to go to. One of my friend’s host brothers recommended Sandhamn, so off we went! To get to Sandhamn,Continue reading “Adventuring the Archipelago”

In The Footsteps of Slavery

On Thursday, I had the chance to attend the event “In The Footsteps of Slavery.” This was a city walk that traces Sweden’s long involvement in the transatlantic slave trade using Gamla Stan (Old Town) as a background. We had a tour guide take us to different monuments and locations in the city and talkContinue reading “In The Footsteps of Slavery”