Navigating Stockholm

One thing that I have really appreciated about Sweden is the public transportation. system Back in Minneapolis, there are a few options for public transportation but they aren’t widely used. And, honestly, I maybe use the Minneapolis public transportation 2-3 times per year. However, in Sweden, public transportation is everywhere. Even in smaller cities! I find it really impressive. 

The map of the Stockholm metro system

So, for anyone who may be interested, I thought I’d share the most popular forms of transportation here in Stockholm. 

Walking: Walking is my favorite way to get around Stockholm. Now that the sun sets so early, I think it is especially important to get outside and experience some fresh air during the day. Stockholm is a very health-conscious city and I often see people walking to and from work, to the grocery store, or just to get some exercise. 

Tunelbanan/Pendeltåg: The metro is the main way I get to DIS, and around all of Stockholm. The tunelbanan is the subway system within Stockholm, and the pendeltåg is for the areas a bit outside the city. The entire subway system is shockingly easy to navigate. Plus, a lot of the subway stations have really cool art!

The iconic rainbow at Stadion (the stop we get off for school).

Car: I have only been in a car a handful of times this semester. It’s usually in the very early morning if I have a train and plane to catch before the subway system is running. It seems as though families usually have one shared car, and it is often the least popular mode of transport (at least among younger people).

Bus: There are so many busses in Stockholm and the suburbs. You can almost guarantee that a bus stop is within walking distance of wherever you are. The only drawback is that they sometimes run late or run infrequently. If you plan ahead, though, the bus is a great way to go.

Ferry: Seeing as Stockholm is an archipelago, the city actually uses ferries as a form of transportation. I have taken the ferry a few times and it is always a lot of fun, I think mainly because it is something different. Not many people can say they commute by ferry, so I think that is something special about Sweden. And, rumor has it, the ferries run all the way through the winter.

One of Sweden’s ferries!

Electric scooter:  Finally, another fun way to get around Stockholm is by electric scooter. In the city, they are everywhere so it isn’t hard to find one and rent it. You would be surprised how fast they can really go!

Kevin getting ready for a quick scooter ride around the city.

One of my favorite parts of my day is the commute to DIS (whether I choose to walk or take the metro). It’s a time of day when I feel like a local because I know exactly where I’m going and what to expect. When I get back to the states, I’m really going to miss all the different modes of transportation they have here. 

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