Getting into a grove in Stockholm  

The past two weeks have honestly been very busy with school. Obviously, a big part of studying abroad is the studying part. However, I think that a lot of the time people overlook the studying — all the focus goes to the experiences, the food, the travel, etc. This is absolutely important, perhaps the most important part of studying abroad. 

The past two weeks, I have been pretty swamped with school work. Back home, I am used to having back to back essays and presentations. Here, however, I was a bit surprised with everything I have had to do. Between multiple papers and presentations in almost every class, I have felt a bit overwhelmed with the work. 

Being so busy has definitely helped me to get into more of a routine here. I have been setting up schedules to accommodate classes, cooking meals, and the occasional run and workout. All of this is to say that life in Sweden is definitely starting to feel more natural and normal. It is exciting to know my way around the metro stations and to be able to (somewhat) navigate the city. 

This week marks our first break from classes. On Friday, we started our fall break which will go through Monday, October 18th. I am excited, and relieved, to have a break from the hustle and bustle of school. Over the break, many people are traveling to different cities and countries. Tomorrow morning I am leaving Stockholm for the week to travel to Budapest, Prague, and Helsinki. I am really excited (and somewhat nervous) for this chance to get away from Stockholm. And something that is even more exciting, is that when I return next week, I get to say I’m headed home. And by home, I mean Stockholm. 

I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to study abroad, between Covid and all of the chaos that was last year. But now (even with the homework, essays and presentations) it is fulfilling to know that I am finally able to make this happen. 

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