A Quick Update!

Somehow, I have already finished my first two weeks here in Stockholm. I can’t believe it has already gone this fast! It is strange because I feel like I have been here for many months but also for no time at all.

Since classes have started and I have begun to create somewhat of a routine, the days seem to be passing by so fast. It has been my intention to write (at least) one blog post per week, and obviously that has not happened so far.

Instead of spending my first moments in Stockholm sitting with my computer typing out what I have been doing each day, I decide to actually go out and do things! I will share my top three highlights from the first two weeks, and will hopefully start to get into the habit of posting more regularly going forward.

1) CLASSES HAVE STARTED: Oddly enough, I was really excited for my classes to start. My different courses have been a great way to meet more people. Plus, I am genuinely interested about the topics in my course. Each class has a field study component, which I am really looking forward to. These field studies will go to museums, exhibits, schools and more which takes the learning outside of the classroom and truly into the city. I am super excited for these to get started!

So far, the coursework is very manageable. I would say the biggest challenge for me is my Mondays and Thursdays because I have class back to back from 10am until 4:00pm. It feels like I am back in high school and it is exhausting! However, my Tuesdays and Fridays, I only have one class which makes it all worth it.

Below is a photo of some my textbooks (which DIS provided!) in my window. It looks like a lot, but most of them are easy reads and very interesting so far.

2) FIKA: Sweden is truly known for its Fika — coffee with a treat and a friend. Did you know, Sweden is the world’s third largest coffee drinking country!?

All the bakeries and coffee shops in Stockholm are adorable. I don’t have much to say about Fika, asides from that I really enjoy it. Below are a few photos from various Fikas my first week here.

3) RUNNING: More accurately, I would call this jogging and walking. Sweden has so many wonderful trails, and several are just a minute away from where I am living.

So far, I have loved going for a slow jog or a long walk around the city. It has been a great way to see different areas and to really familiarize myself with the neighborhood I am in. I live on the island Södermalm which has trails along its perimeter. A goal of mine while I am here (and while the weather is still nice out) is to walk around the entire island.

Everyone is Sweden is really active, so living here is inspiring me to get back into running. And, to walk places instead of taking the metro. In many ways, seeing everyone out and about using the trails reminds me of Minneapolis and home.

2 thoughts on “A Quick Update!

  1. Just read your blogs. I hadn’t known about until today on Facebook. I have to say I got tears in my eyes when I read about our trip to Sweden. What a special time that was and it certainly impacted your life. I’ll be watching for future blogs! Love you.


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