My Journey To Stockholm

My last week in Minneapolis was lovely because I was able to spend time with all my friends and family. While I was a bit sad and anxious to leave, I am now feeling very optimistic and excited! 

Leaving from the Minneapolis airport, I ,of course, had to stop by Caribou Coffee one last time. I ordered a strawberry banana smoothie, and reminisced about stopping at this exact caribou with my friends as we were waiting to depart on our interim study abroad to Ghana almost two years ago. 

I ended up having a bit of a late start on the first leg of my travels. Thankfully, I had enough time to go through customs in Amsterdam, get to my gate, and even grab a coffee and croissant. 

By this afternoon, I had officially made it to Stockholm, and had even met some other DIS students at the airport. After picking up our bags, I headed to the DIS meeting location in the Stockholm airpot, where I was greeted by several students. So far, everyone has been super kind!

Eventually, we loaded a coach bus up with DIS students and our luggage and headed to our housing. My room completely exceeded my expectations, and perhaps instead it should be called a “studio” because there is a small kitchenette and bathroom just for me!

After getting settled into my housing, I went on a short walk around my new neighborhood in Stockholm with two other people from my hallway. Then, we all had pizza for dinner, got an official tour of the neighborhood and went grocery shopping. On our way home, we saw two hot air balloons in the sky which felt very special. Now I am exhausted and ready for bed after what has felt like a week of traveling!

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